There once was an entrepreneur with a vision...

Rusty Shumpert founded Carolina House Movers in 1990 with a relentless vision to provide top-quality work to all of his clients. 

Carolina House Movers (CHM) is the premier structural moving company for all of South Carolina. We administer each project uniquely to cater to our client’s needs and manage all details required to successfully relocate the structure to its final destination. CHM has operated across South Carolina for over 20 years with a proven track record of success. We have the equipment, team, and expertise to execute a top quality move.

We will arrange for all necessary permits, licenses and utility services, plan the travel route with the owner, provide the certificates of insurance coverage, prove the ability to comply with all local and state safety regulations and provide all necessary equipment and vehicles for a safe and successful move. Trust us with your structural investment like so many before you have done and been glad they did

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